NWILOVENEWS is Nigeria’s leading online newspaper. Published by Uelee Promise Terewura, NWILOVENEWS is Nigeria’s truly professional online daily newspaper. It is published from Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s economic and media hub, and has a provision for occasional special print editions.

 Thanks to our vast network of sources and dedicated team of professional journalists and contributors spread across Nigeria and overseas, NWILOVENEWS has become synonymous with newsbreaks and exclusive stories from around the world.

 We are blazing without fear or favour, telling all stories as they break for the purposes of enlightening our readers and helping them to make sense of events as they unfold at a frenetic pace.

 Our pay-off line always here for you  accurately reflects the role we have assigned to ourselves, which is to serve as the voice of all Nigerians irrespective of their status, ethnic, religious or cultural affiliations. Besides, we shall speak up in defence of Nigeria whenever the opportunity presents itself.

 Here is what sets us apart from the rest:

 We are Nigeria’s truly daily online newspaper, publishing from day to day, including Saturday and Sunday, without waiting for newsbreaks.

 We publish the most number of stories daily, covering the most diverse range of topics as reported by our team of professional journalists.

 As promoters of developmental journalism, we treat all news as equal (no discrimination. between big and small news) because we believe that every voice deserves to be heard.

 Our stories are balanced and objective as we don’t have a mindset.

 We are professionals to the core and boast a team of journalists.